Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mid Norfolk Candidate Selection

Well the Eastern Daily Press, our local paper, is getting rarely excited about the selection of the Conservative candidate for the Mid Norfolk Constituency. The selection panel has now got a short list of 10. But the paper does not like the fact that they come from the A List and are not all living in the area. All well and good, but as the list included local people in the beginning and the panel are all from the Constituency, you have to assume that the remaining hopefuls are the best of the bunch. Some of the readers of the paper are also complaining about the ones left on the list. Too them I say, join the Conservative Party and have a say in the selection process. I wonder how the other major parties select their candidate? We hear nothing about their processes. Are they open and honest? Will we ever know? The Conservative system even allows non-conservatives a say. Any interested person could attend the meeting and pass on their thoughts. Good luck to al;l those left in the selection process.


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