Friday, October 06, 2006

Jack Straw and the Veil

Well poor old Jack Straw. Not my most favorite politician, but in this case correct in his approach. He makes a comment on the wearing of the Veil and suddenly he is the worst racist in the world. As I understand it; he says that when they visit his surgery he finds it hinders communication if they do wear a full veil. Yes I agree. I find the same problem with those who are impolite and wear sunglasses, full face crash helmets, baseball caps pulled down etc when talking to me. In fact shops and banks ask people to remove these. Do they ask Muslim women to remove their veil. If not why not. Are motocyclists discriminated against? How do banks do their security checks? These people need educating in how to behave in a polite manner. Yet again anyone who says anything that may upset the immigrants to our nation is attacked as a racist.


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