Friday, September 01, 2006

Sacked ministers

How I just love sacked Labour Party Ministers like Charles Clarke of Norwich South. When he was part of the Government team, earning a nice little bit extra, Tony Blair was the best thing in the world. We had to listen to him both in the national and the local media, explaining how wonderful Tony and all his ideas and programs were. Now Clarke and other like Byers and Touhig, away from the gravy train of high wages and excessive perks, are now convinced that Blair is well past his best and must go. I wonder if they would be saying this if they were still in power? Still getting the high salaries, free houses and executive cars and drivers. No, you do not bite the hand that feeds you. If they are now giving us now their honest beliefs why did we not hear them before? Were they telling untruths or just treating us, the electorate with contempt. I'm afraid it is both.


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