Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wind Power

I see that at last the wind power people have admitted that they are not so efficient as they kept telling us they were. The turbines off the shore at Great Yarmouth are only working at best at 20% efficiency. So all you Green People how many of these do we need to fuel the railways and the London Underground?
I am a great believer in the use of nuclear power. Realistically, with us requiring so much electricity to drive our homes and business it is the only way to go. Fossil fuels are running out so we need the new nuclear stations. Yes we could go back to the stone age and not use any power then we would be okay. I do not think that will be acceptable to anyone except the rearly green people and some of those I understand do it already in Wales. We should learn from France and get on with the job. With our long wided planning system we should have started 10 years ago. I predict we will have power cuts before we have got the systems sorted. What a way for a modern country to go.


Blogger Randal Leavitt said...

I also favour the use of nuclear power - clean, safe, inexpensive, reliable. But I want our future to be much more interesting that what we are doing today. We should improve our living standards in many ways. To do this we are going to need thousands of times as much energy as we use today. Nuclear fission is the only technology that allows us to think in this optimistic manner.

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