Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wind Farm

Although a Conservative Party member I do not always agree with the stance and actions of the Conservative led Norfolk County Council. But today a great big well done to them. They have rejected plans for a Wind Farm off the North Norfolk Coast. These turbines would have been over 170 meters high (nearly twice the height of Norwich Cathedral and three times as high as Cromer Church). They would have been able to be seen from the Coast, one of the last unspoiled coasts of Britain, most of which is owed by various nature conservation groups. Also valuable fishing ground would have been ruined. Only a few said the developers! So it was okay to ruin a few fisherman's livelihoods for the dubious pleasure of a wind farm. Very environmentally minded! A vote for sanity. My only fear is that, as they have no love for the County of Norfolk, this government of ours will overturn the Council and allow it to be built.


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