Saturday, August 26, 2006

Vets & GPs

Yesterday evening I went out to the garden and found my dog, a Golden Retriever, in distress. It looked like she had broken her right front leg. I telephoned my Vet and he said of course he would see her and we should meet him in his surgery in five minutes. This we did and he sorted her out, not a broken leg but a trapped radial nerve. She is now much more relaxed but looks strange with a bright blue bandage on her leg holding a soft split on. However it got me thinking; what if it had been a person with the same symptoms. 5 minutes to be seen by a doctor? No, phone your GP in the evening and you get some out of hours service. You do not know them and they have no knowledge of you. The Vet has looked after the dog all her life; knew all her history. If you had to go to an A&E hospital, 5 minutes; not a chance. Okay I know I will get a bill from the Vet, £40 or so I guess. Maybe if you had to pay a bit for your GP his surgery would not be full of time wasters, clogging up the system.


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