Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First Thoughts

Why have I started this? Well I am worried that the Letters Editor of the Eastern Daily Press (excellent newspaper) will be soon fed up with getting my letters. So I better have another platform for my ranting. Well maybe not all ranting. Some ideas as well perhaps. We'll just have to see how it all goes.

At the moment the subject that I am most interested in is the East of England Regional Assembly. What an anti-democratic farce that is. We go to war in Iraq to give them our sort of democracy that a lot of the people there do not want; then at home we have the EERA! Once you realize that it was formed by Prescott, it all becomes clear. That an unelected bunch make the recommendations, Prescott can then just rubber stamp it, thereby giving him more time for Croquet and other mixed sports. Does he and his cronies have the intellectual capacity to make these decisions? I think not. I know Prescott has moved on to doing something; not sure what, but the principle still holds good.


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