Thursday, August 17, 2006


So now that the A Level results are out the great education debate will start, only its not that at all. You just have some people saying that A levels are easier and some saying that they are not. What a debate. My thoughts are these. 1) I do not know about the A levels but I do know a bit about GCSEs. The requirement for technician training in the RAF is for a Grade C in mathematics, just as it was when I joined. However now a large proportion of recruits although they have the correct results, require extra mathematics training after they join so as to be able to complete the course which is of the same academic standard as before. The standard of GCSEs has definitely fallen. 2) What we need is not more people going to university to study sociology etc, but more youngsters going to places like the Norwich City Collage to become skilled workers, such as builders and engineering technicians. Yes we need more engineering and science graduates as well but not more graduates of soft subjects why cannot get a job.


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