Thursday, August 31, 2006

Super Fast Trains

I've just been listening to George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, talking about having a super fast MagLev train to Scotland, to save using air travel and thereby cutting pollution. Great idea. But can you see Britain having one? No, not a chance. The planning system would not allow it within a time frame that could deliver such a system. We have lost our vision in this country. Would the great start up of the railway and canal system have happened today? No. Could Isambard Kingdom Brunel built the Great West Railway today? No. Unfortunately we could not. We have neither the will nor drive to recreate the fantastic things we did in the past. Too many people complaining about change. So, sorry George it will not happen.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I see that today is the day that the company, who's boss is a good friend of Prescott, will be putting their application to the independent body, The Casino Advisory Panel, overseeing the selection of the site for the 'Super Casino'. Who appointed this body? Was it Prescott? I just hope it is made up of people with a greater degree of integrity than him.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Vets & GPs

Yesterday evening I went out to the garden and found my dog, a Golden Retriever, in distress. It looked like she had broken her right front leg. I telephoned my Vet and he said of course he would see her and we should meet him in his surgery in five minutes. This we did and he sorted her out, not a broken leg but a trapped radial nerve. She is now much more relaxed but looks strange with a bright blue bandage on her leg holding a soft split on. However it got me thinking; what if it had been a person with the same symptoms. 5 minutes to be seen by a doctor? No, phone your GP in the evening and you get some out of hours service. You do not know them and they have no knowledge of you. The Vet has looked after the dog all her life; knew all her history. If you had to go to an A&E hospital, 5 minutes; not a chance. Okay I know I will get a bill from the Vet, £40 or so I guess. Maybe if you had to pay a bit for your GP his surgery would not be full of time wasters, clogging up the system.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Norwich Car Park Signs

It is not often I can find something good to say about Norwich City Council, but I had to go shopping in the City yesterday, and again thought how good the Car Park signs which show how many spaces each has are. I know you are supposed to use Park & Ride, but I do not like the system. Too much of a pain to keep carrying the shopping about. I tend to use St Andrews car park which I find light, airy and the slots and ramps big enough to use easily.


So Ruth Kelly the Minister for Communities is now saying that 'Multiculturalism' may not be the answer to the problems of intergrating the various ethnic minorities in the Country. Well, well most people (other that sociologists and the like) have know that all the time. Unfortunately because of their actions and their accusations that anybody who thought differently was racist, we now have the problems that we do have. Let all the immigrants learn to be British. As they asked and in some cases risked their lives to get here they should become British. Keep their religion and music, but obey our laws and keep to our basic beliefs.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Further to my other post about the terrorists; I see from the artists impressions in the Press that all the ones taken to Court yesterday appeared to be descended from people from the Indian sub-continent. Not many descended from British stock. So can we have targeted security please.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New EU Immigrants

So now the Government says that over half a million people have come into Britain from the new EU countries, Poland etc, instead of the 15,000 it thought would come (good estimate). I'm not so much worried about the jobs, the Poles etc seem to do jobs which we cannot do or do not want to do. Such as the workers in the poultry business in Norfolk, but I am much more worried about the effect on housing. These extra 600,000 people require houses. Is this the main reason the price of buying or renting has gone up so much? The cost for the young is ridiculously high. They have to mortgage their (or their parent's) lives for ever. We made the mistake of letting this lot (France and Germany did not) in, do not let the next lot in!


So the Pakistan team is threatening to pull out of the 1 day series of matches if they are punished for ball tampering and refusing to play. How strange that they are getting upset when caught for cheating. If they refuse to play I hope that they are sued for the money the various clubs, TV companies etc will lose by not having the matches played. Remember when we were going to pull out of the Tests in Zimbabwe, not because we cheated, but because their dictator was and still is killing innocent people and causing mass starvation. They said we were not allowed to do that and would have to pay millions in compensation. So if you pay for missing play for strong moral reasons, then pay because you cheated.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Conservative Candidates

Whilst I can understand and agree with David Cameron that the Party has to acknowledge that the old ways of doing things has to change. I am not sure that he is going about it in the correct manner. Yes we do need a cross section of people as candidates, but we need good ones. They should not be selected because they are female or black or whatever. This is not the way to do it. Discrimination is not good, no matter what the good intentions behind it. Remember 'Blair's Babes'? Not a brain between them. We do not want to go down that route. Convince the local activists that they should think more carefully before making their choice. Fine; but try to force them and you will not have local activists. The way ahead is to convince more people to stand as candidates; and get a good cross section of those that are good.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wind Farm

Although a Conservative Party member I do not always agree with the stance and actions of the Conservative led Norfolk County Council. But today a great big well done to them. They have rejected plans for a Wind Farm off the North Norfolk Coast. These turbines would have been over 170 meters high (nearly twice the height of Norwich Cathedral and three times as high as Cromer Church). They would have been able to be seen from the Coast, one of the last unspoiled coasts of Britain, most of which is owed by various nature conservation groups. Also valuable fishing ground would have been ruined. Only a few said the developers! So it was okay to ruin a few fisherman's livelihoods for the dubious pleasure of a wind farm. Very environmentally minded! A vote for sanity. My only fear is that, as they have no love for the County of Norfolk, this government of ours will overturn the Council and allow it to be built.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Well I suppose the only good news I've heard about the Lebanon troubles is that there has been no mention of our troops being sent. Even France which has strong links with Lebanon seems reluctant to send a significant force. We are too committed elsewhere and too stretched already to send our people. Talking of our military, I still do not think that we should be in Iraq and Afghanistan. Helping take western style democracy to places where they do not want it. What a waste of our troops lives. Still I suppose it keeps our seat on the Security Council of the UN and allows Tony to strut his stuff with Bush.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


So now that the A Level results are out the great education debate will start, only its not that at all. You just have some people saying that A levels are easier and some saying that they are not. What a debate. My thoughts are these. 1) I do not know about the A levels but I do know a bit about GCSEs. The requirement for technician training in the RAF is for a Grade C in mathematics, just as it was when I joined. However now a large proportion of recruits although they have the correct results, require extra mathematics training after they join so as to be able to complete the course which is of the same academic standard as before. The standard of GCSEs has definitely fallen. 2) What we need is not more people going to university to study sociology etc, but more youngsters going to places like the Norwich City Collage to become skilled workers, such as builders and engineering technicians. Yes we need more engineering and science graduates as well but not more graduates of soft subjects why cannot get a job.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

David Cameron

I listened to David Cameron on the Today Programme on Radio 4 this morning. He came across quite well I thought. He had some good things to say, although I wish he would not go on about agreeing with the Government so much. The Government may occasionally get it right(the law of averages say they must) but David does not have to keep on about it. It was good to hear that he has modified his 'Built to Last' document in reponse to Party Members views. I'll have to read the final paper.
Good to hear that the Party is finally totally against the idea of ID Cards. I wonder if any terrorists would have been stopped if they had been carrying ID Cards? I'll bet not.

Older People

I did some shopping in Aylsham this morning and again noticed that it is not the young teenagers who are the most impolite, but the elderly. No thank you for getting out of their way. They push towards the front of queue, not worrying about others. I thought that they would have more time. Is this like it every where or just Aylsham? Not all the young are all bad.

Wind Power

I see that at last the wind power people have admitted that they are not so efficient as they kept telling us they were. The turbines off the shore at Great Yarmouth are only working at best at 20% efficiency. So all you Green People how many of these do we need to fuel the railways and the London Underground?
I am a great believer in the use of nuclear power. Realistically, with us requiring so much electricity to drive our homes and business it is the only way to go. Fossil fuels are running out so we need the new nuclear stations. Yes we could go back to the stone age and not use any power then we would be okay. I do not think that will be acceptable to anyone except the rearly green people and some of those I understand do it already in Wales. We should learn from France and get on with the job. With our long wided planning system we should have started 10 years ago. I predict we will have power cuts before we have got the systems sorted. What a way for a modern country to go.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


So Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Ali Dizaei said that there is not a typical terrorist profile. There may not be, but I would guess that it is not some little old Granny from Norfolk carrying explosives onto aircraft. It may not be the correct thing to say but the terrorists operating now all seem to have come from or their family have come from Pakistan or some other country where the population is predominately Muslim. When we had the troubles over Northern Ireland, the terrorist were Irish and were called so. Was this deemed racist? No. So why are we not supposed to think that the current terrorists may well have a stereotypical image? Get real Mr Dizaei and accept the facts.

First Thoughts

Why have I started this? Well I am worried that the Letters Editor of the Eastern Daily Press (excellent newspaper) will be soon fed up with getting my letters. So I better have another platform for my ranting. Well maybe not all ranting. Some ideas as well perhaps. We'll just have to see how it all goes.

At the moment the subject that I am most interested in is the East of England Regional Assembly. What an anti-democratic farce that is. We go to war in Iraq to give them our sort of democracy that a lot of the people there do not want; then at home we have the EERA! Once you realize that it was formed by Prescott, it all becomes clear. That an unelected bunch make the recommendations, Prescott can then just rubber stamp it, thereby giving him more time for Croquet and other mixed sports. Does he and his cronies have the intellectual capacity to make these decisions? I think not. I know Prescott has moved on to doing something; not sure what, but the principle still holds good.