Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mid Norfolk Candidate Selection

Well the Eastern Daily Press, our local paper, is getting rarely excited about the selection of the Conservative candidate for the Mid Norfolk Constituency. The selection panel has now got a short list of 10. But the paper does not like the fact that they come from the A List and are not all living in the area. All well and good, but as the list included local people in the beginning and the panel are all from the Constituency, you have to assume that the remaining hopefuls are the best of the bunch. Some of the readers of the paper are also complaining about the ones left on the list. Too them I say, join the Conservative Party and have a say in the selection process. I wonder how the other major parties select their candidate? We hear nothing about their processes. Are they open and honest? Will we ever know? The Conservative system even allows non-conservatives a say. Any interested person could attend the meeting and pass on their thoughts. Good luck to al;l those left in the selection process.

Drivers V Pedestrians

I do not know what is the normal thing in the rest of the world, but in Norfolk when you are driving and slow down to let another car pass in a narrow road or let a car out of a side street, the driver normally thanks you with a wave. But when walking and you move out of somebody's way on a narrow footpath, no such thanks. How strange; drivers more polite than walkers!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Norwich City FC

So the caretaker manager Martin Hunter, Worthy's No2 says, 'Same Team Same Style' so I suppose we will get the same results. We need a whole new management and coaching team. Fresh ideas, fresh thinking, fresh results.

Jack Straw and the Veil

Well poor old Jack Straw. Not my most favorite politician, but in this case correct in his approach. He makes a comment on the wearing of the Veil and suddenly he is the worst racist in the world. As I understand it; he says that when they visit his surgery he finds it hinders communication if they do wear a full veil. Yes I agree. I find the same problem with those who are impolite and wear sunglasses, full face crash helmets, baseball caps pulled down etc when talking to me. In fact shops and banks ask people to remove these. Do they ask Muslim women to remove their veil. If not why not. Are motocyclists discriminated against? How do banks do their security checks? These people need educating in how to behave in a polite manner. Yet again anyone who says anything that may upset the immigrants to our nation is attacked as a racist.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

He has gone

At long last Norwich have sacked their manager. Now they need to get one with vision and flair. Let's hope they find one.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Norwich City

Same Board + Same Manager + Same Team = Same Results

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Broads

So the chief executive of the Broads Authority has at last given up on trying to turn the Broads into a National Park. Thank goodness for that. Now the Broads will not be just for the conservationists but for people on their boats and those wishing to work and live in the area. How much of our money has been wasted on this exercise? A fortune I bet. I'll also bet that next spring he will be asking for more money from us ratepayers to make up a significant shortfall in funding. He will not say it is to pay for the failed bid, but will dress it up in other ways. A good chief executive after seeing his major plans be rejected would go, but that is not the fashion in public service now How sad.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Norwich City

Same Team, Same Manager = Same Results

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Pope

So now the Pope has upset some of the Islamic faith. What a strange religion that vilifies people for their words. I doubt that those on the streets of Pakistan had read what the Pope had said. Just like Mr Rushdie, they condemn without knowing what he had written. I have not read all of what the Pope said either, so cannot comment, but I would be surprised if he had insulted them. If he said that a previous speaker, hundreds of years ago, said that the Islamic faith is a violent one then I agree with him. It is not people from any other faith that are killing people in the name of that religion by suicide bombs. It is terrorists that glory in their faith that are killing people. Yes Christians have done it in the past. In the past is the key. Not now. We have progressed, so should they.